Enhancing Your Orgasm

In the immediate years after my divorce, I quickly realized that I hadn’t been able to orgasm quite as often as I would have liked. And even if I did orgasm, it simply wasn’t a particularly satisfying orgasm. One of the many joys of being a human is that of the human orgasm, and it is something that we all have the ability to harness and access for our own sexual pleasure.

But over time, I realized that that ability was being diminished. That reason became evident to me eventually, in that what previously turned me on no longer did the trick. I needed more to access the mind-numbing orgasms that I had achieved in my early twenties. Luckily for me, there were a lot of ways I was able to go about doing it, which is what I wanted to share with you all today.

First off, I learned about sex toys. They are so much better than using just your fingers and I realized that the very first time I used a sex toy. For ladies in particular, what really opened my eyes up was when I realized just how many different types of vibrators there are in the world of sex toys – thanks Blissful Cherry! They can get you off in just about every which way imaginable, and given the wide range of options available, it is not hard at all to find the perfect vibrator (or vibrators) that will physically induce orgasms – and intense ones at that.

But there are sex toys for men as well – either for their genitals or for their butts if they so desire. So regardless of what gender you are, sex toys are a great way to orgasm more frequently, and harder than ever before. Ask anyone who as ever used on on themselves or a loved one and they’ll tell you the same thing!

I also became less of a prude and started watching porn. Although they definitely can seem fake at times, pornographic film is designed to tap into your deepest darkest desires, creating content that is hotter than anything you could ever experience in the real world. I personally love seeing “big black cock” scenes, which is a huge turn on, as well as lesbian scenes when I am feeling particularly frisky (even though I would never consider sleeping with another woman in real life). And with the wide range of porn out there in the world to choose from, you’ll never get bored!

One last thing I’ve tried doing when I do have sexual encounters with men is to avoid vanilla sexual encounters altogether (this includes simply changing up the sexual positions used, which is wholly ineffective). This can mean a wide variety of things, including role playing as well as simply being physically dominated with rough sex, so long as it gets you out of your comfort zone. Doing this may seem strange and even somewhat of a turn off at first, but give it a few times before you make any judgments. You may soon realize just how much you love your newfound sexual experiences, which inevitably leads to better orgasms as well.

If you’ve ever been in a sexual rut like I have, don’t give up hope! With these few simple changes to your sexual lifestyle, you could very quickly find yourself having those intense orgasms that have been absent in your life as of late! And perhaps they will be even more intense and better than ever before!