Rather than planting fruits and vegetables simply for eating them later on, it would definitely be prudent to plant other edible foods that have other uses outside of the kitchen. There is no better example of this than the lemon.

Yes, you may love lemons for how they taste in your water, or as an added flavor enhancer to certain dishes, but so many people actually love lemons not for how they taste, but for how they can make their lives better in other ways. Here we’ll discuss all the great reasons to grow lemons in your garden other than for cooking.

Lemons are known for being sour, and related to that fact is the fact that they have antifungal and antibacterial properties. Because of this, they are great to use on your skin to get rid of blackheads and other contaminants that may be messing with your otherwise flawless complexion. Rubbing the lemon juice over your face is all it takes to clear up your skin. This also doesn’t just mean acne itself, but also dark spots on your skin, many of which are known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which is basically when acne is gone but they leave dark spots in its place. Lemon juice will naturally fade those dark spots which, although not as bad as acne itself, are still unsightly overall.

If you aren’t happy with the whiteness of your teeth, lemons can also help with that. Simply sucking on a lemon for a few minutes each day can help to whiten your teeth over time. One caveat with this use is that you should never leave the lemon in your mouth for too long, simply because the acidic nature of lemon can actually start damaging your teeth eventually. As long as you don’t go overboard though, you should be fine.

Lemon is also great for brightening your hair! Although you can try it with pure lemon juice alone, a better method involves infusing your conditioner with lemon juice and rubbing that into your hair. The process definitely isn’t instant, but within a few weeks’ time, you should definitely notice that your hair is looking brighter than it was previously. Keep in mind that if you have naturally dark hair to begin with, the effects will be mitigated if not present whatsoever. So if you have black hair, don’t expect much, but if you are a natural brunette with hair on the lighter side, then using lemon in your hair can do a great job of making your hair even lighter!

Without a doubt, there is no super-food that does more for your body outside of your stomach than lemons. Most of these benefits are found in the form of improving the way you look, whether it be for your skin, for your teeth or for your hair. And best of all, a single lemon can be used for multiple purposes and multiple times before being completely used. So with all of that said, there should definitely be a spot in your garden for the wonder that is lemons!