If you are Asian like I am, you know how important rice is culturally. However, it is much more than that, and in reality it has become a huge staple in American life in general over the years. But like any other food, there are always pros and cons when it comes to rice. Because of how prevalent rice is in today’s society, we thought it would be a good idea to weigh the pros and cons for this specific food for you here now.

The first pro is that rice is inherently a natural food, meaning it is good for you. The only way that you can really expect rice to be unhealthy is if you add all sorts of flavorings to it such as soy sauce to make it taste better (although if we’re being honest, rice tastes good in its most natural form, regardless of which type of rice you eat).

Rice is also very simple to make. All you need to make rice is a rice cooker (which is relatively cheap) and water. One thing to mention is that depending on where you get your rice, you may want to consider washing the rice with water before actually cooking it. All this means is rinsing the rice and removing the creamy colored water that results from the rinsing until that water discoloration is minimized, which means the rice is washed. But even that is a simple step that pales in comparison to the requirements involved in cooking other foods.

When it comes to meal time as a whole, rice is amazing because it goes with just about anything. It can go with meats, it can go with eggs, heck it can even go with just vegetables and still be the perfect complement. I know of multiple people who can make a meal out of just rice and salsa – no meats whatsoever. Because of this fact, you can easily base many meals around rice, thus giving you a wide array of different meals to cycle through.

When it comes to the cons of rice, there is only one big one that really warrants consideration, and that is that rice is a carb. And an addictive one at that. Given all of the pros stated above, it is all too easy for someone to become obsessed with rice and ultimately eat way more rice than is recommended. And while this isn’t necessarily a serious health issue, it can definitely lead to weight gain due to the excess intake of carbs.

So many people who love rice are not in the best shape, and that is not a coincidence. So if you do eat rice on a regular basis, always make sure to eat it in moderation and even make sure to get exercise in on a regular basis to compensate for all those carbs you are eating. Doing this will just about mitigate the only negative when it comes to rice.

In conclusion, if you haven’t really considered making rice a larger part of your life, then now is definitely the time to consider it! Your stomach will thank you, that’s for sure!