Unconditional Self Love

Physical pain or illness is often times (although certainly not always), a result of that person’s own thoughts and behaviors. Good natures would teach us to trust ourselves and just do, unless something’s telling us that we’re being useless or that we’re going in the wrong direction.

It is not okay to let pain, illness, lack or emotional trauma reign over us or force us to do and live by programs, or to allow other’s low thoughts, to fill our mind with fear, doubt and panic about the future. As the great spiritual philosopher Emerson says, “When disease befalls one’s body it is the most consecutive proof that a state of self-abandonment and self-ignorance in the preceding period.”

If you listen to others being critical, toxic or demeaning of you, or the things they say are of a less than high nature, then you are allowing yourself to be controlled by their low thoughts and feelings; and, by so doing you’re allowing their actions to define you.

If the intention of someone is to harm you, intentionally or not, you allow yourself to unconsciously become a victim to their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors. You lock yourself into a whirlpool of cold and dark thoughts and feelings. Unable to see, feeling afraid of being controlled or defined by another.

Others become defined by your negative behavior, especially when you don’t approve of them as yourself. Pulled into their verbal whirlpool on the constant roll of another person’s negative thinking/feeling.

Not only do we unknowingly step into their thoughts and feelings by simply being a part of their chaotic energy, but negative expressions of the self leave a deep and lasting sense of emptiness, loneliness and helplessness, bound in a vicious circle of fear creation, which then leaves us feeling intimately attached to the other with inevitable basics.

I like the way experts explain openly to people that separate themselves from outside projections, fancies and plans. It is not enough to just be ourselves in the moment, without involving outside influences to help us define ourselves.

We need to feel safe in our own skin, and then cope with any confusion of what our true nature may truly be. Despite the fact that we use everything we must learn to cope with within the reality that we, themselves, may be far from perfection, or the light of our true nature in the present.

Our personal life isn’t perfect. And, in spite of the fact that we inadvertently look to the outer world to define our inner view. Our personal life is the effect of being driven by what we have experienced and learned on the physical plane. We may look outside to define ourselves, but this is a huge misdirection in our journey back home. We are much more than what our eyes see.

And just like the part of the body that’s missing, being trapped in what we see on a physical level, causes us to lose site of the ever present inner being that lies within.

The inner you, that is, unless you allow it to chose the body or circumstances around you to represent it’s true nature. Unconditional love does not feel like a great sacrifice, you might say. It feels like being fed visually, emotionally and intellectually. When you are hungry, you get to eat. When you’re thirsty, you get to drink. When you’re exhausted, you get rest.

The simple truth is that it’s not in a physical form because consciousness is always going beyond a physical form. There is a power of love, god within your body, designed to rise above all of its physical characteristics. And that’s why emotional self love is so important in your life.